Yes, I m a Cherry Boy

Cherry boy Teppei is back and we’ve paired him with Tomohisa for his first anal scene with another model.

When Tomohisa enters, Teppei is all giggles and smiles and tells Tomo “he’s hot!” Tomo seems to think the same about Teppei and in no time, they’re lipped locked.

Teppei is eager to explore Tomo’s lean body and wastes no time getting him out of his pink undies. Wanting a taste of Tomo’s sweet tight hole, Teppei dives in tongue first before showing us his cock sucking skills.

Now it’s Tomo’s turn as he rolls Teppei over and pulls off his boxer underwear. Teppei covers his crotch with his hands perhaps embarrassed that he isn’t hard. No pressure Teppei, don’t worry about the cameras or this being your first time, you’re in good hands. As promised, Tomohisa has Teppei hard in no time and out comes the lube and condom.

Tomo first sits atop of Teppei’s and guides his cock up inside him. After riding Teppei for a couple minutes, it’s time to show him doggy-style before Tomo lays on his back and they fuck missionary.

As Teppei feels his balls tightening and his sperm tanks ready to erupt, he pulls out and they both lay back on the bed to jerk off. Teppei is first to blow and nice creamy white mess on his stomach followed by Tomo. Our cherry boy looks like he could go another round!