Australian Meets

The best part of getting boys together and letting them get acquainted, is the sexual heat they share. These two are from Australia and Japan, named Mikael and Julian Raw; I think “getting to know one another,” is going to be a lot of fun to watch with Once they kiss and touch, there is no stopping these two; the sensual aroma permeates between them. As they explore one another’s body, both undress quickly and rub their naked skin together. There is sucking and finger fucking as foreplay; once the bottom sits “wowboy” atop the Australian, the two go at it hot and heavy.

The “boy from down under” goes deep in and out of his partner. The Japanese boy takes all that is given and reciprocates with a lot of hip action. Moving into various positions, they two never seems to separate, intertwining at will. Enjoying one another with abandon, they fuck until both are close. They then stay near as they masturbate to orgasm; Mikael cums first and then the Japanese boy. Their climaxes are both very hefty, but secondary to the way they fucked, pure pleasure.