Wet Hot Hiroya Summer: Shower Fun with Yu Yuki

At a men’s sauna in Tokyo, Hiroya and his fuck buddy Yu Yuki make out and strip down, then step outside to take their playtime to an outside wooden shower area. After hosing each other down to get squeaky clean, down to their hard straining erect cocks, they trade blowjobs. Hiroya slides a curious finger or two into Yu Yuki’s smooth tight hole, buries his face in to get a musky taste. By then Yu is groaning for dick, and handsome, hung Hiroya is just the man to give him the bareback fuck he needs. Holding Yu Yuki’s broad shoulders from behind, he rams his tool in to the root. Their bodies tangle in the warm shower, then Yu lies down and wraps his ankles around Hiroya’s muscular waist to pull him and his big cock in closer. Hiroya speeds up his thrusts and races toward a big sticky splash. Pulling out he splatters his sperm across Yu’s lean defined abs. Time to repay the pleasure, and Hiroya strokes his goodlooking buddy off to a hot quaking load.