Vending Machine Boys

Vending Machine Boys stars 2 new exclusive models to Japanboyz: Yuda and Yuta. While their names are similar, their looks are quite different, but that’s just what makes them such a sexy pair! Tall and handsome Yuda cruises cute, small and twinky Yuta at the vending machine, having a soda. Yuta is just one of those sweet and innocent country boys from the northern prefectures that you can tell he’s not that experienced. After a bit of small talk, Yuda convinces Yuta to come back to his place. Yuta can hardly believe his luck to find this tall stud at the vending machine, and soon they are heading to the bedroom. It’s not long before the pair start passionately kissing each other. Yuta can’t wait to get his lips around Yuda’s big cock and soon he sucks it like a vacuum.