Summer Night FUN

New Japanboyz stud around town, golden Asian boy Zen, really is cutting a wide swath of boy crushes through the Japanboyz stable. Walking through town on a warm Tokyo summer night, he saunters back to his place with Haru in tow and gets mushy and romantic. On the bed they smooch and cuddle, then Zen slides down to Haru’s swelling crotch.

Zen licks and nibbles Haru’s stiff tool like a cat with a plaything. Haru returns the favor, pulling down Zen’s undies and slurping his tawny dick. Once Zen licks Haru’s tight hole and lubes it with a probing finger, he goes to work thrilling his date inside and out with a smooth close bareback fuck. Haru wraps his ankles around loverboy Zen, pulling his lean, muscular body tight against his own. On all fours on the bed, Haru takes a hot fast plowing that has him panting. Too hot to slow down, the buddies sits side by side to beat their aching hard cocks. Haru spurts out a thick rivulet of creamy juice, and Zen follows with a smile. The perfect end to their warm summer stroll!