Seducing Seki

This is a adventure, with Fuji who will top, and Seki, the ticklish bottom. Typical for Fuji, he worships the boy like no other; Seki seems to “grow with enthusiasm.” Using his mouth and hands to tease, once Fuji has Seki out of his clothes, he devours him fully. As the bottom’s legs fall open, his moaning gets more intense. After a bit of tongue play, it is the top’s turn to give some “attention.”

In a missionary position, Seki is filled with Fuji’s cock as the two fuck; watching the top’s abs flex as he thrusts is very sexy. Knowing just how to work a boy’s hole, Fuji has the bottom panting. Seki then puts himself onto the top’s cock and rocks back and forth; Fuji soon adds his thrusts from below. Going doggie, the top humps the bottom’s ass sensually before pulling out. Close, Seki cums quickly and covers his groin. Fuji then straddles his partner and jerks; his load adds even more cream to the happy trail. Don’t “blow” just yet, we have an exclusive Director’s Cut version “cumming;” over 40 minutes of these two free to do it fully.