One Night Stand

Sometimes a roommate can be a pain in the ass, but sometimes the ass that the roommate has, can bring lots of pleasure. has “One Night Stand;” two guys share a “one time only” offer of pleasurable sex. Wait a minute, for this being such an impromptu event, the use of toys seems to be a remarkable coincidence. A game of chance, or a well-planned game of fun?

Playing games on his phone, the top lies on his bed, his roommate comes in to “play” a game of his choosing; I don’t think the top understands his phone will no longer be required. Persistence pays off as the top finally acquiesces to the sexual advances of the bottom. The stance of the bottom should have given the top a clue; “joy stick yes, phone no.” Playful kissing and fondling ensue; the bottom has the interest of the top, up. Taking charge, and taking his pants down, the bottom massages the top’s hard dick and sucks his nipples.

Nipple play heightens the focus of the game, but it’s the “slurping” of the top’s dick that gets both boys going; the top begins to gasp as the bottom goes up and down. Thrusting his hips up to meet the mouth and hand of the bottom, this game will require several phases. Pushing the top’s boundaries, the bottom starts to kiss his partner, passionately; the top kisses back. The bottom then undoes his pants and lies atop his partner. Rubbing and caressing one another, the top finally allows himself to fully engage in the game and rolls on top.

After a few more minutes of dry humping, the top pulls off the bottom’s pants to reveal a fully engorged dick packaged within the boy’s underwear. Watching his partner, the top strokes the boy’s dick and then pulls off his own underwear; the top blows the bottom. The moment the top’s lips are on the boy’s shaft, the bottom lets out a huge sigh and begins to whimper. I think the bottom has been planning this “game” for a while. Taking the next step, the top hovers over the bottom and they watch one another; this is also the moment that the top starts to finger the bottom.

Getting some lube, the top spreads the bottom’s legs wide and penetrates with his fingers. The bottom gasps when entered. The top’s arousal is again peaked as he watches his fingers slide in and out; the bottom continues in passionate whimpers. The bottom then goes on all fours so that the top may have easier access. Exploring the bottom’s hole, the top then reaches for an anal toy, lubes it up and inserts. Okay, this is where a “one night stand” seems to be mighty “prepared.” I get the bottom’s “guidance” in this game, but I think the top may have also “dreamed about being on the all-boys team.”

The top uses the vibrations to stimulate; he then leans over to take a look and see if the bottom’s dick is stiff. Back to pumping, the top works the toy in and out. Whimpering in delight, the bottom is very horny. The top then puts on a condom; his dick is already hard. Lubbing up, he removes the toy and pushes in the “real deal.” The top has a bit of trouble and the two have to work together, in several positions, to make this game carry on.

Positioning his body to accommodate the top’s dick, the bottom is a perfect guide into this “same sex sport.” First in a missionary style, the top is encouraged by the sensual sounds of the bottom. Thrusting in and out, the top works toward a rhythmic pace; the bottom continues to pant. Grabbing the hips of the top, the boy helps settle them both for maximum pleasure.

Turning over to all fours, the bottom again accepts the mounting of his partner; welcoming the insertion and the sensation it brings. The top takes control of the bottom’s hips for leverage and continues to thrust. The bottom shows the top a few cuddly moves before the top reenters. Close to cumming, the top ebb and flows a bit more, then pulls out, removes the condom and jerks himself to orgasm, above his partner. Smiling, the bottom is very satisfied with the “outcum” of this game; the top has splashed the bottom with his hot juices. Cleaning both of them up with tissues, the top then lies beside his partner. All I can say is that if this truly is a “one night stand,” I hope the sun doesn’t come up for months.