The Pink Lotus Episode 2: Relaxxxation

Nolan STILL hasn’t been reunited with the ashes of Carlotta, and his nerves are frayed to the breaking point. Since the Pink Lotus goes above and beyond to service the needs of their gay guests, he calls down to ask if they can send up something to help him relax, and who should show up at the door than the “Pink Lotus special”, muscular, butch, tatted masseur Robert Royal. “Wow, they weren’t kidding around!” Nolan blurts out as he invites the handsome stud in. He confesses to Robert that Travis hated his dear Carlotta and he suspects his himbo’s gang of gays killed her. All Robert can picture is a blowsy blond imploring “Help me, these gays are trying to KILL me!”. But he says casually that he’s gay, Nolan’s gay, everyone at the resort is gay, and these two are off to the bareback fucking races. After some introductory deep kisses, Robert guides Nolan’s hand down to his swelling crotch. And VOILA! Robert’s naked and showing all his beautiful head to toe tats, and Nolan’s worshipping him the way a good gay boy can, taking his cock deep down his thirsty gullet. He bends Nolan over ass-up on a sleek polished table and eases his massive cock all the way in. What follows is a juicy, balls-deep screw that has Nolan finally getting the relief and relaxxxation he’s been lacking. Not that Robert isn’t enjoying every second plowing Nolan’s hungry Asian-American fuckhole.He takes a seat and lets Nolan grind his ass onto a big European sausage, courtesy of the resort. Nolan sprays his wad down his nuts as Robert drills in harder and faster. The customer always cums first, and Robert wishes him a good night and wanders out, still stark naked.