The Pink Lotus Episode 1: Asses Not Ashes

When A-gays Nolan Ft. Knox and his hot himbo tagalong Travis arrive at the exclusive Costa del Sol gay resort The Pink Lotus, their first impression is no relaxing, luxurious dream cum true, but more of a frustrating nightmare. The hotel has misplaced the cremated ashes of Nolan’s beloved Carlotta, after the pair intended to scatter her ashes in the warm Mediterranean surf. While Nolan goes down to the front desk to rant, Travis makes his move on hunky concierge The Occitan Prince. Occitan does his best to console Travis, who admits that Carlotta was a raging bitch who he hated. Taken aback, Occitan still is up for a roll in the hay and takes on muscular Travis and his big juicy cock. Ever service-oriented, Occitan drops to his knees and swallows Travis’ thick tool in one deep gulp. Travis, ever the bossy demanding guest, turns Occitan’s big built body around to get a musky mouthful of the Frenchman’s thicc muscle booty. Standing behind, he prods his bare cock into the concierge’s hungry hole. Pumping in balls deep, Travis’ heavy nuts slap into Occitan’s lubed-up crack as the sweeling in his scrotum builds up to a hot creamy release. The concierge squats over Travis and rides on his twitching dick, then kneels to get a faceful of hot American cum. “I needed that, thank you!” Travis purrs as he feeds a fingerful of cum to the load-dripping resort concierge.