2069: The Military InFILLtration 3 – Code Pink

There’s Hell to pay in QBoys lair when commander Jay Wu catches Pierce getting head from Anders. “Who the Hell do you think you are? I’m the only Daddy in here!!” he roars at his underling’s insubordination. Pushing him into a small cage, he screams, “You want to be treated like a dog? You’re gonna be caged like a dog! Stay in there, little SLUT!” as he storms away. But there’s a ray of hope for Pierce, as Anders sneaks in to free him from his cage. Pierce beams with gratitude as he kisses his rescuer. In a flash they ditch their pants and are grinding their groins together on top of the cage. Pierce burrows his face into Ander’s smooth butt, lubes it with his spit and plunges a finger or two deep into his hole. He pays back his hero with a balls-deep, tough screwing. Ass out and hands braced against the padded top of the cage, Anders groans his approval. His own hard cock bobs in front with each pounding thrust. Anders rolls to his back and lifts his legs high and apart as Pierce plows in. Too hot to hold back, Pierce splatters his load across Ander’s lean waist as Ander milks out his own juicy reward. The alarm sounds and the two underlings run back to assume their duty.